Did you know we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors? Or that every one of us breathes in and out about 22,000 times a day? Lack of fresh air hampers our capabilities and is one of the leading causes of allergies.

Indoor air quality starts with improving ventilation. While there is an entire industry dedicated to mechanical ventilation, simply opening your windows whenever you can provides the best form of natural ventilation - removing stuffy, stale, contaminated air and replacing it with fresh air from outside. In addition, the flow of fresh air thoughout your home will reduce heat buildup, creating a comfortable and healthy indoor environment!

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Unlike interior doors, Entryway doors need to be sturdy and durable to withstand varying (and extreme) weather conditions and provide security, yet also be welcoming with excellent curbside appeal.

Many older doors are made of wood or wood veneer, which crack, warp, peel or separate after years of exposure to wind, rain and scorching heat. Even older or lesser quality steel doors can be known to peel on the surface.

The problem most people have when replacing their Entryway is they are unaware of the extent of what is available! Contacting a Window & Door professional will give you insight on a style of door to suit your year-round weather conditions, while keeping your home front attractive and friendly.


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This property was well kept but had the original 20+ year old windows which were deteriorating. It was listed for sale and langusihed on the market without any interest for several months.

The homeowner contacted Fort Glass and we COMPLETELY replaced (NOT retrofitted) all 8 of the existing units with made-to-order quality EnergyStar windows in 3 weeks for only $3,909.00 plus HST!!!

Better yet, the homeowner received an offer and sold the house on the first showing after completing the replacement!

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The Canadian Real Estate Association predicts a buyers market in the Kingston Area for 2015. Did you know new windows could be the difference between getting an offer or having your prospect move on to the next property?

We can fully replace your windows with quality EnergyStar rated units and have you ready to sell for far less cost and in less time than you think! Give us a call or drop in and visit us - We love hearing from you!

So you've decided to replace your windows - Step 3


So, now that we've identified how to avoid the worst window companies in your area and looked at ways to identify the good ones we have called and scheduled some estimates.  During the quote process process there are a few relatively common situations that you'll want to be ready for.  Click below and we'll have a look at red flags to watch out for while obtaining an estimate:


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So you've decided to replace your windows - Step 2


In our last article (Step 1) we reviewed some red flags to help you identify which companies to AVOID from the beginning.  Now that these have been eliminated, let's start looking at identifying reputable companies and creating your short list.  Click below and we'll get started with Step 2


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