At this point you've eliminated some companies, researched some others and received some estimates.  You've probably narrowed down a top 2 or 3 and you're ready to make a decision and move forward with your project.  Click below and we'll look at a few things to consider when comparing estimates...


Make sure you're comparing apples to apples - It's important to give each company a fair shot and compare quotes on their merits, not just the bottom line.  Are they offering similar styles of window?  Similar options?  Same scope of work?  If so you're safe to move forward - if not you may need more information.  Any reutable firm should be more than happy to answer any questions or provide any information you ask.

Beware comparing on price alone - You may notice wide differences in quote amounts, but "you get what you pay for" may not necessarily apply in the window business.  A higher price may not be indicative of higher quality, while a price significantly below the competitors can also be a red flag.

Warranties - Everyone will tell you their windows are the best, but how well do they stand behind that claim?  An actual copy of the warranty wording should be available or preferably be offered without asking along with the estimate.  Many warranties may claim to be "lifetime", but be aware it is really the exclusions that define the coverage - read the fine print!  In short, the more a warranty covers for the longest time from a manufacturer who has been in business and standing behind that warranty for a lot of years is what you're looking for.  Nobody wants to have to use the warranty, but a company with that kind of confidence in their product speaks volumes toward overall quality.

Communication - Has the company and the representative given you the impression they want your business?  Was the estimate provided in a timely and professional manner?  Were all of your questions answered?  How did the overall experience leave you feeling about your project?

Price - I'm willing to guess by this point you've found that all the companies you're considering are priced pretty close to each other in price.  Don't get too focused on differences of a couple of hundred dollars if you're happy with everything else.  Remember your windows will be in the house for decades - you'll never miss the bit of extra money but you'll always remember a bad experience.  One last note on price - Ask about coupons, discounts, etc if you like, but it's been my experience that any salesperson with integrity will give you their best price first without having to be asked after the fact.


So what next?  In the next segment we'll talk about the installation and how to evaluate the job.  See you then!




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