Avoid Another Drafty and Expensive Winter

There’s still time to avoid another drafty and expensive winter!

A neighbour (a highly technical young man who installs heating/cooling systems) recently told me how he learned the true value of high efficiency windows the hard way. When building his home a couple of years ago, he installed the ‘builder's grade’ vinyl windows included in the package. After all, the windows were from a manufacturer with a well-advertised brand name widely carried in the large renovation stores. Best of all they cost almost 20% less than the local dealer’s line of high-efficiency, low-E, argon-filled windows, saving him about $2000 on his entire house.

The first winter he lived there he noticed the windows seemed cold. After the fact he decided to do some math and compare energy ratings with the high-efficiency windows he originally rejected due to price. Utilizing some widely accepted averages, he concluded that his builder’s grade windows were costing him about $500 a year in heating and cooling costs. By his estimation, the high efficiency windows would have paid for themselves in four years and more importantly made his home more comfortable for life! Unfortunate experiences such as this are common, yet easily avoidable with a basic understanding of how energy-efficient windows work.

When shopping for new windows, appearance is often the first consideration with initial price a close second. Energy efficiency is often the last consideration even though it is the most critical in determining long-term value.

Windows are thermal holes. An average home may lose 30% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its windows. High Efficiency windows save money each and every month. There are even some cases where new windows can be net energy gainers. The payback period for selecting high efficiency units ranges from two years to eight years. In new construction, their higher initial cost can be offset because you'll probably need a smaller, less expensive heating and cooling system. Quality Canadian built, Lifetime Warranted windows will cost less in the long term due to lowered maintenance and replacement costs. Most importantly, you'll be more comfortable all the years you live with them.

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