So you've decided to replace your windows - Step 3


So, now that we've identified how to avoid the worst window companies in your area and looked at ways to identify the good ones we have called and scheduled some estimates.  During the quote process process there are a few relatively common situations that you'll want to be ready for.  Click below and we'll have a look at red flags to watch out for while obtaining an estimate:




First of all, if you get an uncomfortable feeling about a rep or a specific company, don't be afraid to just cross them off your list and move on.  Trusting your gut can mean all the difference the long run.  As the quote process progresses, here are are a few typical flags to watch for:


PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE:  The rep who visits your home should be able to answer any questions you have about the windows themselves, be it about performance, function, style, etc.  Ideally he/she should have a local showroom where you can actually see and operate the windows if you like (see step 2), or at the very least should have actual physical samples available.  Any professional slaesperson will be prepared to show you what you'll be getting for the hard earned money you're investing


PROFESSIONALISM:  It seems obvious, but the rep who visits your home should be professional and businesslike.  He/she should be dressed appropriately, carry professional documentation, and above all should not be eager to draw you into a canned 90 minute window presentation.Questions should be answered straightforwardly and there should be absolutely no pressure tactics applied if you want to take the time to review your options.  If all the rep is willing to leave you with is a quote written on a business card or a slip of notebook paper, look elsewhere.


WHERE DOES THE WINDOW COME FROM?:  Unfortunately there is a common misrepresentation in the industry where companies claim to "make" their own windows when in fact all they do is assemble premanufactured components or in some cases outsource the entire process and manufacture nothing but their own brochure.  Any professional should be able to confidently and openly answer any questions regarding the manufacture of the product he/she is representing, and the information should be easily verifiable.  If you get a bad feeling and determine the rep was less than forthcoming about the origin of the windows, what else may he/she not have told you?


RESPECTFUL OF COMPETITORS:  Any true career professional in ANY field will affirm there is no weaker type of salesperson than the one who resorts to badmouthing his competitors.  Your rep should be focused on you, your home and the solution(s) he/she can offer you.  Talking down competitors is a good indicator he/she lacks faith in his/her own product offering, not to mention it belittles you and your ability to research and make your own decisions.  Never a good sign


THE 'ONE-SIT' CLOSE:  Hopefully we eliminated this possibility in steps one and two, but if the rep pressures you when presenting their quote saying it is only available if you decide 'right now', be aware that something smells about the whole situation.  The question you need to ask yourself (and possibly the rep if you want to) is why are they so worried about you comparing research and taking your time?  Some common versions of this deceptive practice are:

  • The model home discount goes away once someone in the neighborhood works with us.
  • The manufacturers rebate ends this week.
  • We can add your order to a larger order to receive discounted pricing if we get the order in right away.
  • Your order will put us over our quota which qualifies us for discounts.
  • If we need to meet with everyone twice we can only meet with half as many people in a week so it saves us thousands to get your order in now.  This one’s also called the time management discount and may be accompanied by an on-site call to "head office" where a manager will try to close you over the phone.


What next?  In the next step we'll talk about comparing your written estimates and determining the best deal for you.  See you then!






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