So you've decided to replace your windows - Step 2


In our last article (Step 1) we reviewed some red flags to help you identify which companies to AVOID from the beginning.  Now that these have been eliminated, let's start looking at identifying reputable companies and creating your short list.  Click below and we'll get started with Step 2




You're now ready to have some potential suppliers have a look at your windows and provide an estimate.  So, what are some methods you can use to determine who to invite over to your home?

REFERRALS - Probably the easiest and still best.  If you know anyone who has had windows replaced in recent years and you know them well enough to talk to them about money matters, go ahead and ask them how they feel about their project.  Don't completely focus on price - ask them about the sales experience, the installation experience and the level of communication throughought the project.  Blanket referrals without specifics have little value.

THE INTERNET - The internet has been around a long time and is obviously a great resource for any kind of research, but beyond its value as a business directory and advertising platform, we can learn a lot about a company by looking at the less apparent:

Is the website informative, error free and up to date? - A professional operation maintains a professional image

Does the company have a real brick and mortar business address? - There are too many "fly by night" operations in the window business

How long has the company been in business? - The longer they have, the more likely that they're doing things right

Do they have published business hours? - An established company will have at least a few employees and someone will answer the phone when you call

Given the above criteria, you should be able to develop a strong short list and start making calls asking for estimates.  Some questions to ask when doing so include:

Do they require both spouses to be present for a quote? (see step 1)

How long have they been in business? (if the information wasn't on their website)

How long do they guarantee their estimate for?

Are estimates free? (they should ALWAYS be free)


Schedule as many appointments as you're comfortable with and we're ready to move forward!


In Step 3 we will tak about red flags to watch for during the quote process itself.  Talk to you then!


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