So you've decdided to replace your windows - Step 1


It's Spring, you've just endured another winter with those same old windows and you've decided that it's finally time you've got to do something about it - this is the year you're going to replace them.


So where do you start?  There is certainly no shortage of window brands and styles on the market - not to mention people wanting to sell them to you.  In this series we will explore how to navigate those options and help you make an informed decision that you will feel good about for many years to come...


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Step 1 - Who to AVOID

When replacing your windows, the easiest place to start is narrowing your options and determining which companies to AVOID from the beginning.  You may or may not have had direct experience with high-pressure type companies in the past.  It's not pleasant, but it's certainly worth talking about.  Investing in your home is not a decision that should be taken lightly or be rushed in any way.   Here are two red flags to watch out for when eliminating options:


1) Cold-Calling:   Any time a company disturbs you at home via an uninvited telephone call or a representative canvassing the neighbourhood you can be certain of a bad deal and inevitable buyer's remorse.  Another variation on the same approach is to have representatives walk up and directly approach 'prospects' at a mall, grocery store, gas station, etc.   This business plan relies on speaking to many, many people to book very few appointments, and thereby requires a high-pressure approach when they actually do get in front of someone who is interested.  The extremely small ratio of sales to contacts with this system necessitates a much higher margin on the product to be sustainable - either from inflated product cost, sub-standard product quality, or in many cases both.  A reputable company will advertise to let you know who they are, but won't contact you directly until they're invited.


2) Both spouses MUST be present for the appointment:  Regardless of any excuse a company gives you to rationalize this practice, the true answer is anybody who insisits on this will try to pressure you into buying on the spot.  Typically these companies know that if they give you a chance to think about it or comparision shop you will realize what a terrible deal they are offering and there is no way you would buy into what they're selling, so their only hope is to rush you into an uninformed decision.  They insist on both spouses being present to eliminate any chance of you putting them off by saying you need to wait and discuss it with your other half.  These appointments will inevitably end with an amazing deal that can only be had if you act RIGHT NOW!  Don't be fooled.  The deal isn't time sensitive and it's really no deal at all.


So, by avoiding companies who cold call and refusing appointments with those who insist on both spouses being present you are preventing the unpleasant high-pressure experience and eliminating the chance of being tricked into paying too much for inadequate windows.  In Step 2 we will start to sort through your remaining options and help find the right window company for you.



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